Oct 27, 2011

MATA (Movement of the Anti Trafficking Advocates)

the official logo of MATA

Movement of Anti-Trafficking Advocates (MATA) is an anti-trafficking advocacy campaign geared towards motivating and engaging the youth to become voices for the voiceless victims of human trafficking in the Philippines.

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery, a clandestine pandemic affecting every member of our society. It occurs on all levels of society, transcending race, gender, and socioeconomic status.

Recently, the Visayan Youth Forum in partnership with MTV EXIT,  Australian AID, USAID, Dakila and IACAT,organized the first-ever National Youth Summit Forum and Media Camp on October 24-29 at Escaler Hall, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City.


MTV EXIT is a campaign about freedom — about our rights as human beings to choose where we live, where we work, who our friends are, and who we love. Most of us take these freedoms for granted, but hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world have had these basic human rights taken away.

They are victims of trafficking – modern-day slaves — and criminals have forced, defrauded, or coerced them into various forms of labor, or prostitution.
MTV EXIT aims to increase awareness and prevention of human trafficking through television programs, online content, live events, and partnerships with anti-trafficking organizations.
The UN’s International Labor Organization estimates that worldwide about 2.5 million people are victims of trafficking (ILO) Over half of these people are in Asia and the Pacific (ILO)
Criminals earn an estimated US$10 billion every year through buying and selling human beings (UN)
Check out this site to learn more about trafficking and how you can get involved in the fight against trafficking. Watch or download our celebrity-presented documentaries as well as the short films and promos, plus get information on live events we are producing.
To find out more about the campaign please contact us at info@mtvexit.org
We are calling not only for anti-trafficking advocates but also all of you guys out there to please support this campaign to end trafficking in the Philippines.