Nov 7, 2011


 "Together we stand, divided we fall."

PeaceTech is a non-profit organization that builds peace among the world’s youth.

PeaceTech’s programs include the following:
a) High-school classes in partnership with the Department of Education;
b) Videoconferences between Muslim and non-Muslim youth in Southeast Asia; 
c) PeaceTech’s youth movement called “PeaceTech Embassy;” 
d) Workshops and; 
e) the PeaceTech online community:

PeaceTech recognizes the need to promote an understanding of the causes and consequences of conflicts in the Philippines and the common challenges young Filipinos face. Our goal is to build understanding among the youth throughout the Philippine archipelago.

To create a global community that thrives on mutual respect, understanding, peace through dialogue and technology

To promote the use of technology and dialogue in building respect and understanding between groups of people.

Imagine if we could give people from different backgrounds the opportunity to speak with one another, live, on giant screens! Just maybe it would reduce ignorance, promote understanding and ultimately, lessen conflict!

That’s what PeaceTech is all about. We use technology to bring people from different groups together across large distances. And in doing so, we build more knowledge, more understanding and more trust.

PeaceTech Inc. tackles the structural causes leading to conflict. It clarifies misinterpretations about issues and reduces ignorance. It promotes solidarity. And, it empowers people.

Tell your friends about PeaceTech and share the message to the world.

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