Nov 26, 2011


Iligan City, Philippines--There are over fifty paintings and artworks currently being displayed at the MSU-IIT School of Engineering Technology Hallway. Dubbed as "9th Halongkulay Visual Arts Exhibit". The paintings are skillfully painted by young artists group called “Halongkulay” ("Mixed color" in English)of the said university. HalongKulay is a group of visual arts enthusiast of MSU-IIT. The members are from different colleges, department and offices of the school.

The exhibit will run until December 15, 2011. 

"Messed Up"--their paintings wowed the audience.

For more information, visit:

Nov 21, 2011


This year's theme, "Common Word between us and you: Love of God, Love of Neighbor" this November 24-30, 2011.

MWOP focuses on the common destiny of all Mindanaoans that can only be achieved through “Love of God, Love of Neighbor”. It is hoped that this celebration will renew the faith of Muslims, Christians, and Lumads by living a life of deeper reflection to the real driving force of Peace--which is Love.  

Let's STOP the war. Give LOVE. Advocate!

Nov 20, 2011

Philippine Stamps: Christmas Edition

Christmas is my most awaited season of the year not just only for the grandiose celebration but most importantly its significance in my life. I think, it's everybody's favorite.  Well, stamp collecting is one of my hobbies but sad to say I don't have yet any of the Philippines Christmas stamps.  

This two stamps were issued on November 23, 2010 and classified as a “Special” kind of issue of four (4) designs with a denomination of P 7.00 and quantity of 100,000 pieces. The Christmas 2010 stamps, with a P7 denomination, show the traditional "Belen" showing the nativity scene with the infant Jesus, Blessed Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph.

I just want these to be part of my collection. Will Santa grant my wish?

Nov 9, 2011


Note: Please ask permission from the author before you can use the design.

Okkir or okkil is the term for geometric  and flowing designs (often based on an elaborate leaf and vine pattern) and folk motifs that can be usually found in Maranao and Muslim-influenced artwork, especially in the southern Philippines, and in some parts of Southeast Asia. Okir a dato refers to the ornamental design for men and okir a bay to that for women.
In the Philippines, an ancient proof of okir's style of flowering symbols is the torogan, the ancestral home of the highest titleholder in a Maranao village. It is a symbol of power and prestige usually adorned during festivities. Its prominent part is the panolong, a carved beam that protrudes in the front of the house and styled with okir motif. The okir design is found woven or printed in textiles, carved into wooden cemetery markers and wooden boxes, and it can also be found etched into knife or sword blades and handles, and cast or etched into various brass and silver objects. Source: WIKIPEDIA

My First Okir design which depicts the colorful culture and arts of the Maranao's

I really love Okir because of it's colorful design which means that Maranao should be very proud of. With pencil as a tool and colored it using water color pen.

Nov 7, 2011


 "Together we stand, divided we fall."

PeaceTech is a non-profit organization that builds peace among the world’s youth.

PeaceTech’s programs include the following:
a) High-school classes in partnership with the Department of Education;
b) Videoconferences between Muslim and non-Muslim youth in Southeast Asia; 
c) PeaceTech’s youth movement called “PeaceTech Embassy;” 
d) Workshops and; 
e) the PeaceTech online community:

PeaceTech recognizes the need to promote an understanding of the causes and consequences of conflicts in the Philippines and the common challenges young Filipinos face. Our goal is to build understanding among the youth throughout the Philippine archipelago.

To create a global community that thrives on mutual respect, understanding, peace through dialogue and technology

To promote the use of technology and dialogue in building respect and understanding between groups of people.

Imagine if we could give people from different backgrounds the opportunity to speak with one another, live, on giant screens! Just maybe it would reduce ignorance, promote understanding and ultimately, lessen conflict!

That’s what PeaceTech is all about. We use technology to bring people from different groups together across large distances. And in doing so, we build more knowledge, more understanding and more trust.

PeaceTech Inc. tackles the structural causes leading to conflict. It clarifies misinterpretations about issues and reduces ignorance. It promotes solidarity. And, it empowers people.

Tell your friends about PeaceTech and share the message to the world.

Visit the following sites: 

Nov 3, 2011


10302011-The day I've been waiting for because David will be rocking on in Iligan City. Through the efforts of the Iligan Bloggers Society, they treat us (the MBS52011 participants) and all the fans of David with a concert.

Thank You for this photo Mr. David ( i've grabbed this one)
IBS & MBS5 participants get up close with David DiMuzio and Mr. Carlo Rafanan-a proud Iliganon 

Who is David by the way? David DiMuzio is an American singer who’s a big hit on social media (facebook & youtube) because of his Taglish songs. DiMuzio, 26, was born in North Carolina on February 9, 1985. He started singing Tagalog songs 2 years ago after having a Filipino girlfriend and meeting a lot of Filipino friends. 

Why Tagalog? Because I really love the Philippines and I love it here and every one speaks Tagalog. To embrace the people you love and enjoy,” DiMuzio told

All I can say, is he has a very good compositions, songs, an excellent voice and of course, he has a good LOOKS--which will bring him far. Get a copy of his album or you can download it for free.

To find out more about him, visit his websites:

Nov 2, 2011

DAY WORKSHOP: Creative Peace Building Through Technology

PeaceTech Iligan Ambassadors is launching the project called DAY WORKSHOP Creative Peace Building Through Technology this coming November 12, 2011 to be held at MSU-IIT Institute for Peace & Development in Mindanao (IPDM) office. This project aims to train and mold Muslim and Christian youth to be a catalyst of change with respect to peace building, peace consciousness, and promotion of better communication through technology integration.

This project is supported by PeaceTech Inc., a Philippine-based NGO whose mission is to promote (ICT) Information Communications Technology for building understanding between groups of young people. This project is in partnership with the MSU-IIT through the IPDM. Thus, we are looking for interested young high school and college students from Iligan City to join us.