Nov 13, 2012


Ohh! The exciting part of the conference was the Mong Kok & Kowloon trip. We brought our packed healthy dinner, veggie burger and mango juice. 

 One of the highlight of our trip was the Symphony of Lights which showed at 8pm. 

 The Show comprises five major themes, taking spectators on a unique journey celebrating the energy, spirit and diversity of Hong Kong:
The first scene "Awakening" begins with flashes of laser lights that give life to a nucleus of light-energy which gradually illuminates participating buildings using an array of dancing lights and rainbow colour. This scene symbolizes the genesis and powerful growth of Hong Kong.
The second scene "Energy" is represented by the display of rising colour patterns and the sweeping of the lasers and searchlights energetically across the night sky, signifying the vibrant energy of Hong Kong.
In the third scene "Heritage", traditional lucky red and gold colours are displayed across buildings on both sides of the Harbour, complemented by the introduction of music using Chinese musical instruments, symbolizing Hong Kong's colourful heritage and rich cultural traditions.
The fourth scene "Partnership" features a display of laser beams and sweeping searchlights scanning across the Harbour, representing an illuminated connection with the opposite side. Beams reach out to symbolically connect the two sides of the Harbour into one greater and unified partnership.
The finale "Celebration" brings out a powerful rhythmic display of swirling, kaleidoscopic patterns of lights and beams dancing lively across the Harbour. The exciting final scene signifies the celebration of the close partnership between the two sides of the Harbour and represents an even brighter future for Asia's world city - Hong Kong.

Here's one of my best photo of the ferry.

Ferry ride.

Hong Kong skyscrapers, shot from the ferry.

I got dizzy.

I want to eat an APPLE. Apple Store.

Double Decker bus which serves as a public transport in the city.


Hong Kong, has alaways been a dream destination for me, to see Mickey. Oh! I want to go in Disneyland or maybe in Ocean Park. I went to Hong Kong last May to attend the Initiative for Peace Conference at Li Po Chun United World College. That was a very great experience learning conflict management skills, seeing the beautiful scenes and most importantly having fun during my week long stay.

Arrival in HK International Airport

UWC educates people including Filipino Youths to become a better advocates of peace.

No card, no drinks!
Breakfast is served!

I was fascinated with all the paintings, arts and stuffs around the campus that's why I took photos to keep the memories alive.

Busy streets of Hong Kong. We had less than an hour to roam Mong Kok and bought some pasalubongs like shirts,etc.

You will never get lost in HK because Braille will help you.