Nov 13, 2012


Hong Kong, has alaways been a dream destination for me, to see Mickey. Oh! I want to go in Disneyland or maybe in Ocean Park. I went to Hong Kong last May to attend the Initiative for Peace Conference at Li Po Chun United World College. That was a very great experience learning conflict management skills, seeing the beautiful scenes and most importantly having fun during my week long stay.

Arrival in HK International Airport

UWC educates people including Filipino Youths to become a better advocates of peace.

No card, no drinks!
Breakfast is served!

I was fascinated with all the paintings, arts and stuffs around the campus that's why I took photos to keep the memories alive.

Busy streets of Hong Kong. We had less than an hour to roam Mong Kok and bought some pasalubongs like shirts,etc.

You will never get lost in HK because Braille will help you.